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Oak Morse is a performing artist from Atlanta, Georgia. His name is derived from two separate words, first "oak tree" which is symbolic for southern strength and deep roots and secondly, Samuel L. Morse  who invented the telegraph, which was the first transmission for messages in a digital era. So hence "deep rooted message."


At a early age, he discovered he had a creative niche for the arts. His flame grew as he got older, having received awards for his drawings and writings. He was commended by educators and that propelled him to share his work to the world. It wasn't untiil  July 2010 when he took the stage and since then he hasn't looked back. 


A comedian by spirit, a poet by trade, a model by night, teaching artist by day, actor by leisure, and multi-talented by nature, Oak Morse is making his mark on many genres. He lives by prioritizing which has enabled him to accomplish a great deal including winning literary and stage awards for his creativity and talent. Oak now serves as an ambassador for the stage and writes poetry which seeks to engage and immerse audience about the stage, and  how they can become a dynamic writer and how to speak so that people will listen. 


Good things come to all those who work hard.