Selected Publications


"Sliced Chapter" and "Ass Backwards Ode," Black Warrior Review, 2021

"Prince’s Trombone Player Coughs up a Cat," Tupelo, 2021

"Braided," Solstice, 2021

"Hard as Teeth,” Sixfold, 2021

“Lament Lullaby in Reverse,” Hoxie George Review, 2020

Ecru,” Lascaux, 2020

“Flesh,” Cosmonaut Avenue, 2020

“Hieroglyphics Below,” Thimble, 2020

“No Crutches,” PANK Magazine, 2020

"Trust and Transactions,” Menacing Hedge, 2019

“Why We Sing,”
Star 82 Review, 2019

“Hula Hoops,” Strange Horizons, 2018


"Mount Everest be Jealous" and "Glacier," Ecotheo Review, 2021

“Summer,” Witness Magazine, 2021

“Green in my Face,” Stories That Need to Be Told, 2020

“Sashay,” Nimrod International Journal, 2020

"Garbage Disposal," Pulp Literature, 2017